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Children's Art Classes


Our Auckland-based children's art studio has been providing exciting art and craft children's classes for over ten years. We believe that our creative, varied, and fun learning environment is what will help your child to best develop their individual skills and reach their artistic potential. 

We use a huge variety of mediums such as acrylic and watercolour paint, ink, sketching and coloured pencils, paper craft, card making, and oil pastel. We believe that this variety is what best helps students to discover their own creativity and develop a well-rounded artistic skillset.

Students of our art classes create artwork depicting many different subjects, including landscapes and seascapes, animals and people, abstract compositions and patterns, and everything in between, which gives them the confidence to know that they are able to convey any image or idea through their work. 

It is important to us to help your child to develop their own individual art style. Although a class may have a specific focus, we encourage our students to approach it from their own unique angle.  

Time spent doing art is always used wisely because it helps children to express themselves, have fun, and to see that they are capable of imagining and creating something beautiful to put out into the world. 

If your child wants to come and see the magic of Aquarelle Art Classes for themselves, we guarantee that they will step into a comfortable and creative art community which will help them to grow as an artist, whatever skill level they start with, and give them a genuine love of art.

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