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Sewing Club

Our Sewing Club, started in 2016, is a favourite among our students! Sewing Club students work with felt and decorations to make their own soft toys or accessories in a fun, focussed, and creative environment. We have a huge variety of materials for students to use, and experienced teachers who will equip your child with the basics of sewing, as well as guidance and ideas for making their project their own. 

Beginners and experienced sewers alike are welcome to join! If your child has never done sewing before, they will be taught all of the basic stitches, how to cut patterns, how to design their own toy, and how to decorate or embroider it. 

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children holiday programme sewing
children holiday programme

Children can learn to design and make their own three-dimensional project from a two-dimensional medium. It is almost magical to learn that you can start with a simple, flat piece of felt and finish with a beautiful toy, all because of your own creativity and skill. This can also help to increase a student’s confidence in themselves and what they can achieve. 

Sewing can help to lower stress — it is a methodical, calming, and therapeutic activity. 

Children can improve their fine motor skills: sewing and embroidery require care and attention to detail, which are skills which we aim to develop in our classes. 

Past Sewing Workshops

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