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Classes for ages 5-10

10:00am - 11:30pm  

The focus of this art class is for students to learn about the basic techniques of drawing and painting including sketching, composition, mixing and blending colours, showing textures, and creating light and shadow. 

We work in a variety of mediums such as acrylic and watercolour paint, coloured and sketching pencils, ink, and oil pastel. We also do paper cutting, collage, and card-making. 

The classes are based around a certain exercise or topic which the children are encouraged to use as a starting point for their own creativity and ideas, to see what they can imagine and to help them to make it come alive on paper. It is important to us that our students have a balance between guided teaching and the freedom to let their creativity develop into an individual style. 

This age group is perfectly suited for beginning to gain new skills as they are quick to absorb ideas and open to following their creative impulses.

Art can help your child to:

Express themselves through colours instead of words

Improve their hand-eye coordination

Develop an awareness detail and a greater 

understanding of the elements which make up our world

See that what they can imagine can become something in the real world 

Classes for ages 10-15

MonDAy 6.30-8.30pm

This class is suitable for all skill levels, but the older age group means that students are taught more complex concepts such as perspective, movement, tonal values, layering in different mediums, and temperature. We teach students to look critically at an object — at its size, texture, perspective, colour, and relation to other objects around it — and be able to depict it both accurately and with unique interest and style. 

It is not important what skills your child brings to this class, as it is our goal to build upon whatever they may be working with and help them to gain the confidence and the artistic toolbox to figure out what direction they want their art to go in, and help them get there. 

Sometimes, more experienced students will know what subjects or mediums they are interested in, in which case we will provide them with personalised assistance and help them to achieve their vision to a high technical and creative standard.

Art is an important tool for self-expression and confidence building — our art classes allow students to connect and make friends with people who have similar interests to them, who can then support and inspire them on their artistic journey. Also, improving their art skills and expressing their ideas through art can help students to see that they are capable of making their visions a reality and of producing something new. 

Meadowbank Community Centre

29 St. John's Road

Price $235

For 9 sessions per term